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The Chicana in the City’s Reppin’ and ​Reportin’ radio segment on the Valley Views ​Show brought to you by KROJ 101.5 FM is ​putting the spotlight on rising creatives and ​talented individuals from the 818 who are ​representing our hood con mucho orgullo and ​impacting our community through their ​artistic endeavors and projects.

Whether it’s murals, poetry, short films, art shows, dance, music and/or ​theater, all of these grassroot avenues have been the core center and ​rich foundation of the San Fernando Valley. The 818 has been known to ​produce iconic artists from underrepresented minority communities and ​neighborhoods who have gone on to help put the 818 on the map and ​poured back into their hometown. The Valley is a wealth of cultural ​diversity that has impacted the history of art, flim, music and ​entertainment. As we know the most of the culturally rich parts of the 818 ​have birthed the most artistic creators, but they have also been plagued ​with violence, poverty and environmental racism. Leaving and pushing ​these artists to find resiliency through their creativity and turn trash and ​racists structures into ART. Insert the origins of rasquachismo and the ​Chicano Movement.

The Chicana in the City’s radio segment’s mission is to rep the ​818, interview and profile rising talent and creatives who will ​pioneer the next artistic renaissance movement . While also ​paying homage to our very own iconic artistic trail blazers such ​as actor and comedian, Cheech Marin, to entrepreneur-​entertainer, Danny Trejo, La Bamba singer, Ritchie Valens, visual ​artist, Judith Baca, poet and writer, Luis J. Rodriguez, Jessica ​Wilson, the Founder of LA POET SOCIETY, and our very own KROJ ​founding members to name a few.

Stay tuned for the creative spark you’ve been ​waiting for!

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